About Us

About us

When a group of people with interests in human medical technologies and a guardianship of pets work together then there is always a good chance that the two interests will merge.

That’s what has happened with us! As part of the Espère Healthcare team, we’ve been supplying high quality medical devices from all over the world to GP surgeries, hospitals and individual families for 15 years. Our passion for healthcare has seen us develop fantastic products in Dermatology, Gynaecology, Woundcare and other niche areas where the big pharma companies don’t tread and we are proud of that.

Meet Beau

Hi, my name is Beau and I’m a rottweiler bullmastiff cross rescued by my hooman family at Wood Green, The Animals Charity 7 years ago. I live with my mum, dad and little brother (who I adore!) in the Bedfordshire countryside. I love nothing more than lazing around, eating, barking at anything and wrestling with my 2 year old brother.

I am very excited to have been chosen by my mum Chesca to be a brand ambassador for a new range just launched in the UK by the company she works for Espère Healthcare. I particularly like the AniDes Wound Spray for when my allergies flare and my paws get really sore. In fact, the AniWipes are very handy when out and about on walkies.

Meet Benji

Welcome hoomans my name is Benji,
Jo, Toby, Jasmine and Lewis are my family,
I love to laze around in the sun,
And playing ball is just so much fun,
I drop it lots when we go for a walk,
Oh how I wish that I could talk,
For if I could I’d surely say,
‘Please, please play ball with me today’,
And yes I’m so lucky as they always do,
Then it gets better as they run with me too,
Each Wednesday I go to doggy day care,
It’s like playgroup for children, I’ve lots of friends there,
I’ve lots more to tell you so just watch this space,
I’m off to see mum for a hug and embrace.

- a poem by Benji

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